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Our mission is to be the leading-edge for Male Professional Massage Spa service provider in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia In Bukit Bintang 

aromann (Body Bar Spa ) has been in operation since June 2007 and is licensed by the relevant authorities in Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur , Bukit Bintang  to operate as all Male Massage therapy Spa. We are the specialists in Male Masssge therapy in Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang.

There was a change of ownership since 1st October 2011 whereby a new management was put in place to steer the business based on a well thought and focused Roadmap and strategy. With focus on the Alpha Male with Male Massage by Male Therapist.

The brand name was changed to aromann in December 2012 and it is a Trade Mark. This is in order to differentiate it from other Spas established outside Malaysia under the name “ aromann". aromann (Malaysia) is one of several outlets, others operating in Australia offers premium professional male massage services ranging from male traditional  Massage, Reflexology, male waxing and Facial treatments, all without the premium prices but with the friendly human touch by our male massage therapists.


All our therapists are male and are trained to provide the best male massage services possible. 

UOA2 Outlet:

The existing Massage therapy Spa outlets are located in Kuala Lumpur ( Bukit Bintang ) city centre at Wisma UOA2 , just opposite the KL Convention Centre and a few minutes’ walk from both Novotel Hotel and from the luxurious Pavilion Mall, in KL Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang. This Spa outlet comprises the following facilities:

• Reception area with a seating capacity for 10 persons.
• Reflexology area with a seating capacity for 4 persons.
• Male Massage Therapy Two single treatment rooms.
• Male Massage Therapy Two double treatment rooms, each is equipped with a bath tub.


Vision :

Aromann - Bodybar Spa (Malaysia) male massage therapy and spa strives to be one of the top leading Male Massage Spa providers of affordable high-quality services for “urban and tourists” clients. We will achieve this by building a robust organization with a diversified Spa and Male Massage Therapy services’ base in each of our outlets in Kualu Lumpur Bukit Bintang Malaysia, and a commitment to deliver top-quality premium Male massage and therapy male services without the premium cost to our clients.


Our vision is to have five Male Massage Spa outlets nationally and internationally by the year 2015 and strive to double this number of Premium Male Massage Spa outlets by the year 2020. in both Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang and Internationally.

Mission :

Our mission is to be the leading-edge for Male Professional Massage Spa service provider in Kuala Lumper Bukit Bintang to all our valued individual and corporate clients.


Our focus is to use leading edge products and applying the friendly human touch to achieve optimum quality affordable Spa services and aggressively gain the Alpha Male “Brand” recognition nationally in KL Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang and internationally, namely as the Male Massage and Therapy Center Aromann - Bodybar Spa (Malaysia).


Our commitment reflects this goal: 'Purely the best quality products and the highly trained Male therapist with the unique male massage and hand-touch feel. We aim to create a very long-term profitable growth beyond borders and employ local and international Male therapists.


The keys to our success are:

Individual male massage and therapists with a professional and friendly attention, making those extra efforts to customize each client’s preference.

Repeat business.


This is achieved by giving the premium service with a human touch that not only brings clients back regularly but also recommend  us to friends, relatives, and corporate colleagues.

Advertise locally and coordinate with upmarket Hotels and Tour Operators to recommend tourists to try our highly professional and luxury Male Massage and Therapy Spa services.

Promote our services to Corporate Clients with special packages tailored to

Spa Design :

Aromann - Bodybar Spa (Malaysia) layout was especially designed with a fine touch of finishing and relaxing atmosphere to create a warm modern ambience. This combined with our professional male therapists will give our customers a sense of relaxation with our best services.

Management Team :

1. Managing Director (MD)
2. Director (Business Consultant)
3. Operations Manager
4. Operations Supervisor
5. Marketing Executive :

Treatments Offered :

• Male Massage Treatments.

Male Wellness Services Offered :

• Various full Body Male Massage treatments.
• Relaxing Jacuzzi 
• Various Body Scrubs.
• Foot Massage / Reflexology.
• Facial Treatments (Hydration, Firming and Anti-Aging).
• Waxing
• Herbal Ball Retreat.


Tailor Made Packages :
For Corporate and group clients, we shall be pleased to offer tailor made packages based on a “Mix and Match” basis. The durations of such services ranges from 1½ hours to 3½ hours with body scrub and Jacuzzi services included.
Treatments Used

Treatments Used :
Traditional Oil Retreat is a traditional retreat which harnesses traditional values and techniques to revitalize the body, soul and mind using our herbal lemongrass oil.

Aromatherapy Oil Retreat is a technique using 100% pure essential oils from Australia to increase blood circulation and to provide soothing relief for stress. Our selection of aromatherapy oil includes Relax, Circulation, Muscle Rub, and Balance for male and Lavender.
Foot Reflexology is an ancient technique of retreating pressure points on reflex zones of the foot which correspond to body parts.

Facial Treatments such as Firming and Anti-Aging using natural products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, and
  reduce wrinkles.
An anti-aging facial is an effective preventable measure when it comes to the aging process, using Italian products. We also offer Facial Hydration
  and Facial Relaxation.
Body Scrub is a conditioning body scrub that softens, refines, and revitalizes skin texture leaving it soft and silky, originated from the traditional
  Jammu herbal practices in Indonesia.
Aromann -  Bodybar (Malaysia) offers other Male massage treatments such as Swedish Massage, Traditional Herbal Bali Treatment, Jacuzzi Relaxation, and waxing.

Corporate and Events :

Aromann Bodybar (Malaysia) offers on-site male massage at the Corporates' premises within Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang city center area or anywhere in Kuala Lumpur within 25 km radius.


The client remains fully clothed and has the option to remain at their desk. The host company may provide a room on site, free from distractions for the treatments. This type of massage focuses on the head (or neck) and shoulder areas, which are the main areas of tension for employes who spend, extended periods at a desk. The duration of the massage is on average between 10 and twenty minutes, althought it can be longer.

Our packages are completely tailor-made to suit the client. An assessment is made on the requirements of the client i.e. number of employees requiring treatments, schedule, pricing ect.

Corporate Clients :

Our valued Corporate Clients in KL since inception are listed below:
1. British American Tobacco.
2. Aurora Tankers Sdn Bhd Petronas Malaysia (KLCC).
3. Schlumberger.
4. M Woman Sdn Bhd.
5. Corbis Images.
6. Linxmas Sdn Bhd.
7. Geo Crete Specialist Sdn Bhd.
8. The Spa Lover Sdn Bhd Wellness Group.
9. Hong Leong Bank.
10. Khazanah National Bhd (KLCC).
11. Klinik Mediviron.
12. Reebok
13. Standard Chartered Bank

Location :
Wisma UOA2
Lot 1-3 Level, Wisma UOA 2, No 21, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-2166 4882  Fax : 03-2166 5882
Hours Of Operation
11.00am - 11.00pm

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